​​​Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, ON

​​​​Gloria's Piano Studio


​​​​--Eldora, 14 years old--
“Mrs. Park is a wonderful teacher.  She goes through every little detail in a song to make it perfect, and she explains it very clearly.  If there is a spot that I am unsure of, Mrs. Park makes sure that I understand how to play it before moving on.”    
​---Bodgan, student--
“As an adult student who never touched a piano before, I was concerned to find a suitable teacher who could teach and accommodate me. Gloria has been the best teacher I could hope for. She is efficient without making everything a chore. She is personable. She knows what type of pieces I would enjoy to play and what I need to work on to improve. She has helped me to play the piano not only proficiently but also helped me to enjoy playing the piano. “      
--Andrea, parent--
“I would highly recommend Gloria Piano Studio to anyone wanting to learn piano.  Her level of professionalism is exceptional.  The 30 minutes my children spend with her is time well spent!  She utilizes every minute as an opportunity to teach.  During that time I have seen my children learn to be disciplined, to be technical in their playing and to love music!  Gloria has even gone the extra mile by sending a recording of the music my child has struggled with and needed to hear and work on at home!  Now that's service!”
​​​--Jasmine, parent--​​
“My children (ages 14 and 11) have been taking piano lessons from Mrs. Park since 2011 and they have progressed to studying grade 7 and grade 6 respectively. She is always energetic and creates a welcoming environment.  She is very thorough with each piece of music or each technical element.  When the kids struggle, or get stuck in a piece, she always finds ways to break it down, explains it and demonstrates it until they get it.  She also constantly uses praises and encouragements once they've made good progress."